When an ACTRA member places the recording of a performance in which they appear on the internet for the purpose of attracting more business as an actor or performer, that is Digital Self-Promotion.

A Digital Self-Promotion piece may promote your skills beyond those covered by ACTRA's agreements. (Example: live performances including stand-up, singing, busking, magic, emcee or stage work.)

A Digital Self-Promotion piece may also promote your film, television, radio, stunt or other performance skills through the use of original scenes, monologues, scripted material or clips.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A Digital Self-Promotion piece must credit the ACTRA member and lead the viewer to contact or booking information for the performer.

  • A Digital Self-Promotion piece may be up to three (3) minutes in length.

  • Demo reels (clips) posted on personal or representative sites may be up to five (5) minutes in length.

  • You must be in good standing with ACTRA to use the registry.

  • It is the performer's responsibility to ensure their compliance with the agreements of other unions or guilds of which they are a member. It is the performer's responsibility to clear all posted material with the copyright owner.

  • Self-promotional content will not be edited into another production, sold commercially or generate any income without first being fully contracted under the appropriate ACTRA agreement.

By checking the AGREE box on the Registry, you are declaring, in good faith, that your post is for the purpose of self-promotion and is not intended to generate income for a third party.

The registry is not and will not be used as a means to circumvent any of ACTRA's hard fought agreements.

ACTRA TORONTO retains the right to interpret, oversee, amend or withdraw the terms of this agreement at anytime.

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